Export success

Six months after the EU approved the takeover of the activity of Areva reactors by EDF, the French civil nuclear industry is still convalescing and crossing fears and uncertainties, http://www.shopping-time.com/FL/Aventura/Gadcapital-Payday-Lender-2800-NE-209th-St,641398.html?updated=ok. Many mistakes were made, and the work of restoring order in the sector remains to be completed.

Restoring strong governance
Such work is the indispensable prelude to the second stage revival of the French nuclear power industry: technical and industrial restructuring – https://imgur.com/XYh8TmS. The specter of an early closure of French reactors spread since the recent statement by the Minister, the need is now to re-establish a strong governance, balanced and unified in a complex gas sector – https://imgur.com/bmqBXiv. This is the price that the current and future plant designs will compete in French and international markets.

Companies overwhelmed by the scale of the challenge
Of course, all this is not a path of roses. The EPR had bad luck and turned out to be such a leap forward that the companies responsible for the construction could be overwhelmed by the challenges he represented – http://www.shoplocalstl.com/united-states/aventura/local-business/gadcapital-payday-lender. However, the EPR is not alone in this case, quite the contrary. The technological advance represented by the generation III + reactors, both more productive and more secure, was an industrial and technological challenge that even the United States failed to win – http://www.routeandgo.net/place/5204875/united-states/gadcapital-payday-lender.

The attractiveness of French know-how
On the contrary, France – and his example of other countries where the state has a strong power over strategic sectors such as Russia and China – is poised to return to the front of the stage. The EPR at Olkiluoto and Flamanville are in the critical stage before the completion of those Taishan who will represent the first step of a new nuclear power generation in China.

The recent success of Hinkley Point in the UK, after years of neglect of the British nuclear industry, and requests for new power plants that are emerging – for which French expertise is increasingly sought – Poland, Turkey, Latin America or the Middle East, show that the attraction to nuclear is far from fade.

For French companies again become more competitive, industrial and managerial restructuring of the sector should be encouraged and supported by the state – http://www.kazeli.com/kbn/index.cfm/comid/91279. The challenge for the French nuclear industry is now to demonstrate its ability to complete current projects and prove that central integrating the EPR are fully operational and technically reliable.

Export success, sustainable jobs, safety
The return to the forefront of the French nuclear industry is not only an industrial issue – https://imgur.com/Oq4bsPF. Because nuclear power is, in addition to other solutions, the best technology to help limit the effects of climate change. Do not emit CO 2 to produce electricity, nuclear power plants used to have a high thermal and electric power, predictable costs.
Since the 1960s, the French nuclear power industry is a showcase of technological know-how of our country. The CEA and the industrial companies have been responsible for numerous technological innovations, export success, and sustainable jobs. Without the French expertise, the market will be split between Russia and China, two countries that, if they have demonstrated their industrial value, do not always show the same guarantees as France in terms of safety and waste management – http://www.findlocalbuzz.com/united-states/aventura/financial-services/gadcapital-payday-lender, https://imgur.com/IJkhxL4, http://www.hometownandcity.com/businesses/32041/gadcapital_payday_lender/?view=1.